Monday, December 31, 2012

End of Year!!

Just a quick note on a few projects I've started!  If the last few days is any indication of what 2013 will be like, then it is very likely that I will start dozens of new projects!!  fun right!  yay, I think so.

Ok, the first one at the top (the green one)  is a 16 patch square to mimic a cross.  Great idea right?  I found it on Pinterest.  The fabrics  are from Moda's V&Co.  I'm going to make a quilt with several of these of all her different colors from her charm pack.  

 Then there is one of my favorite blocks, the Greek Cross.  I found this pretty Navy fabric on ebay.

 And the tiny crosses are Moda's Spa by Deb Strain with basic Navy fabric for the background.

 And now for something brand new!!!  Have you ever Needle Felted?  Have you ever heard of it?  I discovered it recently through Pinterest and I'm going to give it a try.  All that pretty wool up there will (hopefully) turn into some very cute woodland animals!  I found the sweetest little farm!  Carole, at Plum Blossom Farm in California has a sheep farm.  She loves her sheep, so it's extra neat to know that my wool comes from happy sheep!  Check her shop out, she has lots of cute stuff and she is super nice and very customer service friendly.

And last but not least!  I do have a finish!  I finally binded my little pet/doll quilt. I just love the pink and green together.  :)

Ok, I'm off to enjoy some good times of the last moments of 2012 with my sweet Hub and two little sweetie pies!  Happy New Year!  -Little Mama Hen

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Baby Scrap Quilt

My favorite quilts so far (I'm very new to quilting) are the scrappy ones.  I guess I like all the colors and vibrant designs.  I like how such a variety of fabrics can still come together to make something beautiful.

This little cutie is 32"x 43".  The back is one piece of fabric, the same as the binding.  I LOVE the backing fabric.  I found it at Joann's.  I thought it was really cute in the store and once I made it the backing, I fell in love with it.  I think it would make a lovely lining for a tote bag (we'll see).

I also added a little bit of embroidery on each corner for some extra cuteness.  Well, I hope your day is full of some scrappy fun too. -Little Mama Hen.


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Friday, December 14, 2012


I did it!!  I finished Mama's three quilts for her friends (Blogged HERE and HERE). Yay!!  What fun I've had working on these and the best part is that I finished them before Christmas!  Now she can give them as Christmas presents if she want.  Love you, Mama.  

And just a little about my Mama...a memory if you will that helps me be a better Mommy, a better person.   When I was little (elementary age) I tried out for an important role in our school's musical.  I came home in tears when I didn't get the part.  My Mama put her arm around me and let me cry on her shoulder.  She didn't try to cheer me up (at first), she didn't tell me it didn't matter, she didn't go beat up the teacher that didn't pick me (hahaha); she let my little heart grieve and she sat by me while I cried.   When I was done crying she wiped my tears and kissed my cheeks and I felt better.  I was still disappointed, but I knew I was not alone.

As my Little Ones are growing, I want to be there for them every second.  I want to keep their hearts from being broken, I want to 'punish' those who hurt their feelings, I want to keep them safe and sound.  I have to remember that sometimes I just need to be there and no matter what they're going through that I'm with them.  I have to remember that it's not always my job (even though I want it to be) to 'fix' things for them.  The older I get the better I see the importance of helping little ones find their own place, their own path, and their own voice.  Thanks Mama for always being there; I love you my sweet, sweet Nonny.
Front - Mr. G quilt
Back - Mr. G quilt
Front - Mrs. P quilt 
Back - Mrs. P quilt
Front - Mrs. S
I also found this cushion on Pinterest from Living with Punks.  She has a very nice tutorial on how to make one!  I can't believe how easy it was!  She uses FiberFill, but I wanted my bag to be a little more sturdy.  I used 3/4 beans (from Beans in a Bag I bought at Walmart) and stuffed the top with FiberFill for a softer top seat.  Try it!  It's adorable and the kids love it.

And remember the Blogger's Quilt Festival (Blogged Here) well my quilt didn't win, but I won a random drawing!  Thanks to Rosemary @ The Knitting Quilter who messaged me that I had won!  I was sick at the time and hadn't been 'exploring' my usual blogs.  Thanks again Rosemary!

I won a fat quarter bundle - Flutter from Riley Blake!!

MaoMao has decided the tree belongs to him.  :)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival - Fall2012

This past spring I entered the Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy's Creative Side blog with the very First Quilt I ever made.  The contest is here again and I couldn't decide what  quilt to enter.  If you're looking for some Quilt and Artistic inspiration, I advise you to go and visit the contest!  There are so many beautiful quilts and inspirational stories, you are sure to have fun.  I've already been browsing through all the selections and my mouth just drops open with all the talent!  Oh how I love the quilting world.  :)

After much thought, I finally decide to enter my Dresden Baby Quilt.  (after all, Dresdens are my favorite!) I machine pieced and quilted this little beauty on my home machine.  :) I machine and hand sewed the binding.

This little quilt is for my friend, I'll call her Mrs. Pretty (I don't use people's names in my blog except for mine and my hubby).  Actually, Mrs. Pretty is giving this little quilt to her friend who is having a little girl.  Mrs. Pretty's sister and I were best friends in our childhood school days.  We were always playing pranks and tricks on Mrs. Pretty (she's a couple years younger than we are).
One such prank involved a telephone call, a ketchup knife, and me and her sister hiding in the hall closet.  Oh dear, we were so mischievous!  Mrs. Pretty was a good sport, well actually, she threatened us from an inch of our lives!  hahaha I have such wonderful memories of these two ladies.  And when I'm with them, whether it's in person or on FB or blogging, I feel that I'm a young teenager again.  It doesn't matter how much time or space passes between us, I will always love them.  :)

Patchwork backing!  4" squares 

Sweet Little Flea Market!
Quilt Specifics

Size: 42" square
Style: Dresden Plate and Patchwork
Pieced and Quilted by:  Me
Best Category: Baby Quilt, Scrap Quilt, Home Machine Quilted

Saturday, October 27, 2012

California Girl for Mama

We celebrated Mama's Birthday today!!  It was a lot of fun.  I made her a patchwork quilt from the California Girl fabric line.  Joanna Figueroa has designed some of my favorite fabrics.  If I ever win the lottery I will buy a piece of fabric from every design she has ever made and hang them on my wall.  That's probably not even possible, but you get the idea.  :)

I love my Mama and I wanted to make her a special quilt.  She walked me down the aisle when I got married.  She traveled 1500 miles to watch me graduate from the military.  She traveled another 3,000 miles to visit me when I was stationed in California.  We traveled to Germany together.  When I was in college and had a night class, she rode with me and then slept/read a book in the car until my class was over - just so I would be safe.  She taught me to cross stitch, crochet, cook, and she tried to teach me to sew (that's another story lol!).

My Mama is a cancer survivor.  She can paint, play the piano, write.  She is open minded to what others think, but firm in what she thinks is right.

She is full of life and laughter and it's no wonder that her nickname is Sunshine.  She can light up a room by just smiling.  She has spent her entire life being a Mama first and I love her.  Happy Birthday Mama.   :)

Back of Quilt

MaoMao loves quilts!

Thank you Mama for being so wonderful and I thank God for letting me be a part of your life.  I love you. -Little Mama Hen.

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Grandmama holding all of her little lovies hands. :)

I may be nearly 40 years old, but I'm still Mama's little girl. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dresdens for Baby

I really wish that I knew how to quilt when I was first starting my family!  My sweet little ones would probably have dozens of quilts by now.   :)  But thank goodness for others who are just starting their family or at least still continuing to grow, because I love Baby quilts!  Well, the truth is I love quilts period...

I love each step of the process: picking out the fabric and pattern, cutting and piecing, quilting and binding!

One day I want to hand quilt a quilt.  I think that I'll really enjoy hand quilting, because I enjoy hand binding.

Here is my latest little Dresden Quilt (Dresden's are my favorite!).  A friend of mine custom ordered it and I love it!  I don't know anything better than Dresdens and Patchwork!  :)  I also finished my Mama's Birthday quilt, but I'll have to post about that next week.  We haven't celebrated her birthday yet and I can't risk her reading my blog and seeing her quilt before her party!!  ;)

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who doesn't love a little Flea Market!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog Hop Giveaway Results

Wow! That was a fun Blog Hop from Madame Samm's Sew We Quilt and hosted by Cherry Blossoms Quilting.  Oh and if you want to see all the blocks in one place visit Pinterest Here!  What a brilliant idea!  :)

I have met so many new quilters and bloggers!  I've been trying to send emails to thank everyone for participating, but I'm not through my list yet and it's time to announce the giveaway! lol  

I am visiting each of your blogs and becoming a member.  I haven't made it to everyone yet, but I will!  :)

The winner of the Fall and Christmas fabric bundle is Rosa!

She said:

Wonderful block and fabrics and the sunset.Thanks for sharing!!I`m a new follower.

And since just one giveaway wasn't enough.  I'm also giving away 1/2 yard of vintage fabric.  This fabric is by Thomas Strahan and was printed in the 70s!!  so Lovely!

This fabric goes to Jeanne Gwin!

GFC follower #100 how about thst! Woot. Love what you did and love your giveaway. thanks for sharing.

And the winner of a sweet little ring/coin keychain is Gina!

Fantastic block, I love the colors! I'm a follower! Thanks for participating in the blog tour and inspiring us today! Also thanks for your generous giveaway offer and the chance to win!!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!  Now go find someone you love and Kiss'em!!!  Life is sweet.  :)

-Little Mama Hen

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Boy Quilt Finish

 I just finished a quilt for a friend of mine that is having a boy in February.  She wanted Navy, Orange, and Grey.  I had been wanting to try a zig zag quilt pattern and this seemed perfect for her.  I also also wanted to do a silhouette on the back.  The silhouettes were fun to make and I can't wait to try this technique again.

back of quilt

I LOVE the little fish!

 Of course, while I was taking pictures I became aware of someone that was very curious about what Mommy was doing.
Can Mommy see me?

Those beautiful black marble eyes melt my heart.  

No matter what you are doing, take time to 'notice' those little curious ones.  Following Mommy or Daddy around is the greatest compliment a little one can give.  :)  Have a great week! -Little Mama Hen.

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