Saturday, January 26, 2013

Scrappy Little Log Cabin

I would love to live in a log cabin! with a wrap around porch and a swing and maybe a couple of chicks and baby goats.  Well, actually a farm is a lot of work, maybe I'd just like to vacation in a log cabin.  :)  I've never made a Log Cabin quilt before, but after working on this little cutie, I WILL!  So cute, so fun, so quick!

I also have a charm pack of Oink A Doodle Moo!  I already have my pattern idea pinned and saved on Pinterest!

 I also have my Cross quilt pinned and ready to quilt.  :)

Most of my day was spent outside playing in the gorgeous Florida Sun with two little sweethearts! 75 degrees!!  I know I shouldn't boast too much, because come Summer I'll be melting and whining.  ;)  and speaking of sweethearts, have you ever been serenaded by a 4 year old at 5:30 in the morning.  :)  I have and I don't care that I didn't have my coffee fix yet, it was precious!  He sang me Ho Hey from the Lumineers. -Have a great weekend! Little Mama Hen

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby Quilts

I've been working on lots of baby quilts lately and it's so fun!  I haven't done much of anything else except turn a year older.  :)  

I love green and I think the Irish Chain is one of the most dainty looking patterns, love it.

 Pink and Grey are so lovely together.  They compliment each other so elegantly.

I had a Vintage Modern charm pack that I decided to make this scrappy little cutie!

Well, I hope your week is going well too! -Little Mama Hen

Friday, January 11, 2013

Red and White

One of the reasons I have so many WIP (works in progress) is because Quilting is fairly new to me and I want to try every new design and idea that I see!  I'm not satisfied with making one block and then moving on, the block has to 'become' something.  However, I get so many new ideas, I hop from one project to another and start 5 more before I ever finish one.   This is ok with me, it's just the kind of artist I am.

I have decided though, to make several small baby/doll/lap quilts to help bring some of my  many projects to a finish line.  One of those projects is this sweet little red and white quilt.  I think she is darling.  I'm not actually finished yet.  I'm waiting for some backing fabric to arrive (fingers crossed, maybe today!).

Well, I hope your Friday is filled with lots of fun and quilting goodness.  -Little Mama Hen

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Friday, January 4, 2013

And then there were TWO.

 My childhood friend from This is the Life blog is not just having one, but TWO!!  Well, I should clarify that she and her husband are adopting two little boys.  They were planning on just one, but when the adoption agency called and said they had two little brothers, their hearts were swept away!  Check out her blog for an amazing journey!  Anyway, I had already made her one quilt, but when I heard there will be two, I started working on the second one.  Tada!!  I found the design on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  Isn't it just darling!

Oh and remember that pile of wool I had?!  Well, introducing my first Needle Felted Bear!!!  Isn't he just so fat and fuzzy!  I think he needs something to hold, maybe a heart?  or a baby bear?  we'll see.  If you want to give Needle Felting a try (and I suggest it, HIGHLY!) check out Plum Blossom Farm.  Carole takes care and loves her little sheep on her very own farm!  She has a Bear Kit on her Etsy Shop .

I continue to work on my patchwork crosses!

MaoMao is a little sad that the Christmas tree is gone, but he loves to sit on the patio  in HIS chair. lol