Monday, March 31, 2014


 Mama's Friend has a son who just had triplets!!  Can you imagine the sweet little blessings in that home!  Two Girls and a Boy to add to the two Boys that they already have!  What a wonderful family!  My prayers and blessings go to their sweet beginnings.  I sewed up three little baby quilts for the new babies and I'm going to do a couple of pillow cases for the big brothers.
 I drew a picture of an elephant and then cut him out and picked three different fabrics and used heat bond.  Then I did a little (not heavy) zigzag stitch for added security.

And of course what little girls quilt is complete without a few Dresdens.  :)  Oh how I love little Dresdens.
My niece's birthday is coming up and I made her a little zipper pouch and filled it with some goodies.  Oh how I love my little petunia, she's grown up into a beautiful young woman and she's a wonderful Mama.  I will always see her a that little three year old that I covered with petunia from head to toe one blissful summer so long ago.  

My heart is full of wonderful thoughts and hopefulness; spring had a way of doing that.

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-Little Mama Hen