Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Progress on Quilts for Mama

I'm having such fun getting these three quilts ready for Mama!  I absolutely love the  Greek Cross pattern.  I will do this pattern again!  (blogged more about it HERE)

The Greek cross was so very easy to put together.  I really like the dark marble colors.  I think Mr. G will really like it.  Now I just have to piece the back and get it quilted!
Greek Cross
Mrs. S likes bright colors and boy is this quilt going to POP colors!  I'm still piecing the front.  This Ohio Star pattern makes me want to try a Jacob's Ladder pattern.  :)
Ohio Star
 Mrs. P's  quilt is an X and O pattern.  This one is all done except for quilting.  I've started, but got a ways to go!

X and O 

Isn't he just so sweet!  of course, I never get my bed made.  ;)
I've got a few other quilts I'm working on too (that's an under statement!)  I need to finish Mama's for her birthday in October.  Then I've got Little Ladybugs, Little Man's, and Scott's that I need to finish for Christmas.  Then I've got two for friends expecting little ones (still deciding on fabric choice).  Let's see, then there's my Memory quilt and a half dozen or so others that I've started and never finished.  Ha!   I hope your week is full of some quilting fun too!

-Little Mama Hen.


  1. Great quilts, and an adorable cat!

  2. You got so much done! You're really working away on your projects! I never make my bed either when my cat has decided that's where he's sleeping for the day. I hate disturbing him!!

  3. Dear April,
    How beautiful! Art--that's what it is--ART! You really have a talent! Everything you do is full of talent!