Monday, September 10, 2012


I have my first commission!  My Mother has three very special friends that she wants me to make quilts for!!!  It's not just exciting that I'll be making quilts (that's plenty exciting for me) but that I am making them for her very special friends.

Mr. G, Ms. P, and Ms. S (I don't like using names without permission and the quilts are a surprise so I can't ask for permission) are three very important people to my Mother.  They all taught school together for several years and even though they don't work together any more, they still get together and 'Socialize' every so often.  'Socializing' for them is a lot of laughter, teasing, and sometimes a sip or two of wine (which makes them laugh and tease more!).  My Mother is ALWAYS simply radiant for DAYS after they get together.   I know her friends, but not well; however, anyone that makes my Mother so completely happy, I have a special place in my heart for. You see, I love Mama and anyone that loves her, I love too.  :)  that's how it works for me.

Mr. G does work for charities and I think mission work too.  He also speaks Greek, Mama tells me.  So I'm working on a Greek Cross Quilt for him.  I have found several versions and tutorials.  My favorite tutorial is from The Double Nickle Blog.  She makes good use of 5" squares!

I like the marble look.  :)
Ms. P is sweet and elegant.  So I chose a soft and elegant X and O pattern.  I already have most of her top finished.  I had some 2 1/2" strips of Lily and Will from Moda's Bunny Hill.  I didn't want to make 2" Xs and Os  so I sewed three strips together and cut 6 1/2" squares.  Then I followed the tutorial from Missouri Star.  I blogged about that HERE.  

I started with jelly roll strips and muslin
I sewed 3 strips together and then cut 6 1/2" squares.
I cut 6 1/2" squares of Muslin into 4 equal parts.

I placed two muslin squares on the 6 1/2" square fabric.  I sewed diagonal from corner to corner and cut off the excess. Press muslin open.  Continue Pattern

Ms. S is a very vibrant and lively friend of Mama's.  Mama said she likes color and bold ideas.  I'm working on a vibrant colored Ohio Star for her.  (McCall's Pattern Here).  As I put blocks together, there will be large grey areas that I may applique some dresdens, maybe.  I do love dresdens.  :)

Ohio Star
It's so exciting to be doing something so special for Mama.  I do love her so.  She is my sweet Nonny Nonny.  

Have a great week!!  -Little Mama Hen


  1. I'm sure your mother's friends will just love them! You do such great work! Keep us updated on your progress!!

  2. That is so cool :) A quilt is the perfect present for someone you love...and its impossible to say no to mom, especially for her bffs ;)

  3. Oh this is exciting! Your first commission. I'm so happy for you. They will love the quilts!

  4. Oh, April! I love the patterns, the stories, and your sweet love for others! What a precious, darling person you are!