Friday, September 19, 2014

Boo Coasters

 I'm making some burlap curtains for my bedroom and I have lots of little burlap pieces.  So I created these little Burlap coasters for Halloween.  I plan on making some more, maybe a witch and cat silhouette.  I may get real crafty and paint an entire haunted house scene as a wall hanging.

I also made some little aprons for dish soap and/or hand sanitizer bottles.  I found the pattern and idea over at Simplify.   Hope your weekend is full of fun and laughter! April@Little Mama Hen

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Witch's Feet

School has been in session four weeks now and I miss my little ones so much.  The only real solace I get is that they are having fun.  As a Mama, letting go is so hard.  I have kept myself busy this past week with Witch's Feet.  I made a small 13" wall hanging and a table runner. I heat bonded her feet, legs and skirt and then went back and secured the edges with stitching.  I also added a couple of ruffles and there you have it.  :)

MaoMao is a good companion. He keeps me company, crawling up into my lap every time I sit down.  He even reached out his little paw yesterday to touch my hand as he was resting at my side.  He also thinks I can't see him when he's hiding on the stairs. little cutie.