Thursday, February 4, 2016

Working on my Project Stash

 Last week I posted, Project Stash List where I posted a few projects I have on my shelf...29 to be exact.  Of course, this is not even all of my projects or even some of my favorite projects.  They are just the first 29 that I pulled of my shelf.

I'm not sure what I was think when I pulled them all off my shelf.  I just wanted to be busy doing something while my Husband was away.  I took pictures and then folded them back up and put them away.  However, after I posted about them I decided to pull a few back out and...wah lah!  I finished 3!  I'm not really a big "list" person but maybe my Project Stash List just might help me get those babies completed!! That would be amazing; but I have to be realistic with myself, I may have finished 3 projects, but I've already started a new one yesterday.  :)  Oh well,  I'll just keep sewing sewing sewing, just keep sewing.  :)

The kids are off tomorrow, so my weekend starts now!  Have fun today, and tell someone that you really do love them. -April@Little Mama Hen

Dresden Wall hanging.

Star Wars Mug Rug

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  1. You got so much done! Good work! I'm always trying to finish up my many projects! Hope I do as good as you!

  2. I love your Star War mug rug. Very old school.

  3. Congratulations on so many finishes this week. I should probably get sewing myself... :)

  4. Hurray for you! I love the quiet beauty of the colors and backing of that first quilt. Simply charming!

  5. I totally adore that triangle quilt - the colours and the repetition of the shape - well done! Good on you for tackling your UFOs - I am trying to do the same but don't have quite as many as you...good luck!

  6. Hey! Really cool finishes! I absolutely love that backing fabric with the HST top. It made a really neat quilt. Super fun minis, too. :) (I always enjoy meeting other folks with plenty of projects on the shelf!)