Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Project Stash List

Well, it rained so hard last night that I woke up!  It was actually about 4:30 am.  It wasn't the rain that bothered me, but I could hear a hum.  It almost sounded like someone's car horn continuously blowing far far away.  I had just watched a documentary with my kids about Tornadoes, so I couldn't fall right back to sleep.  Usually rain is a great comfort to me and thunder soothes my soul, but last night I kept wondering if I should wake up the kids and head downstairs for a safer place to wait out the Tornado.  ha! There was no tornado and I did fade back off to sleep.  Sooo, when I'm a bit sleepy from a restless night of sleep I always try to busy myself through out the day to help keep me awake.  Which leads me to my Project Stash List.

I guess I should confess that I'm a hmmm how do I describe it....I'm an artist.  I don't claim to be a professional, but I find great joy in creating things.  One of my outlets of creation is Quilting.  I love each and every process of the art.  I love designing, selecting fabric, piecing, quilting, binding and of course showing and teaching others what I've learned.  And like many artists my inspiration waxes and wanes.  Being a true Inspirational Artist, my endeavors are lead by just that...inspiration. And what inspires one day my wane dimly the next.

Below I have a list of a few (I'm laughing to myself) quilt projects that I have on my shelves.  They are in a variety of states.  Some are just blocks, while others just need binding.  I love each of them and despite their incompleteness, they make me happy just having them to work on.

A Golden Wedding Ring Pattern and Template that I found on Ebay.  I love this pattern.  It's kinda nice to sit and go through my scraps to Hand cut out the pieces.

I've actually already completed a quilt with this pattern and had several pieces of fabric cut to make some more blocks.  It's called the Celtic Twist and I found it on McCall's Quilting.
This sweet little block is called Connemara  and is also found on McCall's Quilting
 This is a sweet little Bear's Paw Block that I made a Pet Quilt for my neighbor's Yorkie a couple of years ago...I have some scraps that I can make another small quilt.  I love the Bear's Paw Block!
 This small quilt makes me smile.  It actually just needs to be finished quilting and binding.  I threw it together when I first started FMQ.  I thought FMQ would be so easy, but I've got some more practicing to do. lol
 My sister gave me this Beautiful fabric a couple of years ago for my birthday.  I just love it and really need to work on this pattern some more.  :)
 This is a quilt for my husband.  The front is complete but I'm going to patchwork the back with some applique and other stuff.  It will be reversible.  He loves everything outdoors.
 This is a complete quilt top for my daughter.  I just need to find the right backing fabric.
 This is a complete quilt top for my son and it just needs backing fabric too.  He loves orange.
 I bought this fabric last year for my birthday and made this pillow front cover.  Now, I just need to finish the zipper back and it'll be so pretty on our couch.
 This Dresden Plate I made for Halloween one year.  It will be a Pillow cover too one day. lol
 Sweet little doll quilt that just needs binding.
 The Dresden plate is my favorite!  These blocks are left over from another quilt that I made for a charity over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  You can see my finished quilt HERE.
 This is just a little Disappearing Nine Patch that needs to be sewn up and finished.
 Vintage bunny fabric I found on Ebay for the above Nine Patch.  :)
 My little Postage Stamp quilt top finished.
 A Star Wars coaster that needs binding finished.
 A pretty little Dresden plate wall hanging.
 Thanksgiving Table Top Applique.
 Small table runner that needs binding to be finished.
 This is my Rainbow/Color Palette quilt top. It still needs some more Dresden petals.
 This is a quilt top I threw together from some Stars that I was practicing making.
 I love navy blue and white/cream.  :)
 Who doesn't love a little witchyness.  :)  These coasters need binding.
 I'm not sure what I'll do with this.  Maybe a table top for Fall?  I was just playing around.
 Yellow and Grey Flimsy that needs a pretty back fabric.
 I just finished this Medallion quilt top a couple of weeks ago.
 I put tiny yoyos on the corner fabrics.  :)  I've been wanting to find a way to add a yoyo to a quilt for awhile now.
 HST quilt top with fabric backing.  I need to get some batting and start quilting.
 My Irish Chain Variation.  I need to think of something to put or applique in the white space.  I just can't leave it white.  MaoMao my cat is always interested in my quilting.
And last but not least, my pretty little Ladybug Flimsy.  :)
 Well, that's not even all of my projects, but that's it for now.  I have several others that I'll share at another time.

Hopefully tonight I'll get a goodnight sleep and be ready to have an adventure with my little, sweet kiddos.  -April@Little Mama Hen.

Oh and I'm Sharing over at Em's Scrapbag  because I hope to Move all these Forward.


  1. April, I love seeing all your beautiful pieces, and I love reading everything you write!

  2. Having many projects allows you to chose to work on whatever your heart desires. Thanks for linking up.

  3. What a beautiful selection of projects to work on! They will be fun to use or give away. Best of luck with this!