Friday, January 29, 2016

Purple Dresden and a Hudson Bay Quilt

Have you ever heard of the Hudson Bay Point Blanket?  If not, you can read all about it HERE.  It is what I always referred to as a frontier blanket or a beaver blanket.  It is traditionally made of wool and has small black stripes in the large white area called points.  

My variation is made of cotton and has no points and since I love patchwork the colored stripes are scrappy.  I made this quilt for my father-in-law who was battling an illness; however, it never made it to his arms.  My husband just returned from visiting family and saying good-bye.  So, this quilt will have a place of honor on our couch.  

I also finished a baby quilt.  It's so sweet and delicate.  I really love it.  There are no baby girls among family or friends right now so this one will probably go in my shop online.

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Have a great weekend and make some memories! -April@Little Mama Hen


  1. I really like your Hudson Bay blanket with the pieced texture in the stripes!

  2. I love your baby blanket and your Hudson Bay blanket. It's beautiful and sentimental. (Loving)

  3. Very nicely done. I love the wide white areas for the eye to rest in.

  4. Love the striped baby quilt! I need to add a dresden plate quilt to my list of ones to make!