Wednesday, May 23, 2012

X and O Quilt

I love making quilts.  I love finding sweet fabric and dreaming about what I can create with it.  For me, making quilts is a lot like painting.  I LOVE to paint, of course, I don't have much time for painting these days.  Painting takes a lot of me just sitting in front of a blank canvas; it's sorta like waiting for water to boil. I have to wait for inspiration and that takes time and thought.  With two little ones my thoughts are very scattered and unfocused. Of course, I'm a little scattered and easily distracted all on my own! hahaha

Anyway, I adore this new fabric I found.  It's sweet and just so...Me.  ;)  I still need to add some sashing before I started pinning.  I found my inspiration for this quilt on a tutorial by Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Their tutorials are so fun and easy!  (no, I don't work for them or profit from them in any way.  I'm just new to quilting and they have a bunch of easy to follow ideas!)  It's an X and O variation pattern.

Little Man insisted that I take a picture of his little Lizard.  He says it has crazy eyes.  :)
 Loving Life, Little Mama Hen.

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  1. What a beautiful pattern; however, what I love most are the soft, warm colors! Beautifully done, April!

  2. I love your fabrics too! So pretty! Your son is right. That lizard does have crazy eyes!!

  3. Beautiful quilt and love the soft look of the fabric! Cute lizard! Thanks for sharing!