Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy June! Old Lists New Ideas

Ok, so I didn't get my List for May completed; however, I had a lot of fun looking at it and thinking 'Gee what was I thinking!"  Now, if I had paid more attention to the list and not wandered of the given course, I might have actually finished it.  Of course, as I've mentioned, I lack the linear skills to stay on course.  I like to wander off, it's amazing what you discover when you do!  

List for May
1. Make Little Dress for Africa - Charity  Yay!
2. Pillowcase Challenge (make more) - Charity  :( but these are so fun, I know I'll do more soon!
3. Finish and mail my quilt for Bumble Beans Inc. Charity   Yay!
4. Finish my sister's quilt!  I'd better!  Her birthday is this month!!!  Yay!
5. Finish Mama's mother's day gift! oh she's gonna love it! oh Yay!  she did love it! Pic below!
6. Complete quilt for my Little Ladybug's Kindergarten teacher I'm SO close!  I've got one week before Summer Vac.!
7. Make Pillow Shams for Family Room chairs - I've never made shams before.  Didn't even come close! lol
8. Make quilted kitchen towel holders - Any good ideas out there?  Still looking for a cute pattern
9. Make trash bag holders for bathrooms  Nope
10. Make trash tote and bag holders for sis and mama Nope
11. Make a scrap quilt top (just the top!)  Started it!  
12. Make something for my honey!  It's his birthday this month!  Yay!    Peanut Butter Pie checkout  this easy and soooooo yummy recipe!

Even though I didn't finish my list, I did accomplish a lot!   Thanks Amanda Jean / Crazy Mom Quilts for the wonderful idea, it was a lot of fun!  Below are somethings I discovered/accomplished while wondering of the path of my List for May!

1. Made Mama and Sis Soap Bottle Aprons!  so fun!  I still need to do a tutorial on this
2. Opened an Etsy shop! no way, right!  haha well, now that I'm addicted to sewing I've got to find a way to earn my keep. ;)
3. Discovered EBAY!!!  OMG! It is such a good thing that I don't Gamble!  Bidding is such an addiction. And oh the fabric and deals I found!  example: 5 yards of Thomas Strahan vintage fabric for $8! Beautiful!
4. Decorated some towels for Mama.
5. Made Dresden Coasters and a Daisy Mug Rug
6. Made coin/ring purses
7.  Adopted a homeless kitten! Mao Mao
8. Finished another baby quilt, well almost.  I'm just hand binding it.

For June, I'm considering joining a Quilt Along or Dresden Challenge.  I'm not sure though, since I don't do well with deadlines and schedules.  Have you ever joined a Quilt Along?  Is it fun?

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Find something new and try it!  April@Little Mama Hen

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Decorated towels for Mama

Mao Mao

Dresden Coasters

Thomas Strahan Vintage Fabric
More vintage fabric.  Love the Bunny!

Mama's Mother's day gift

My new ring purses!

Soap Bottle Aprons

Baby/Lap Quilt. Love the colors!

Daisy Mug Rug.


  1. Hi, I came over from Richard and Tanya Quilts. I love the things you've shown here. You've been busy completing a lot of things!

  2. I'm over from Lily's Quilts! It looks like you've had a busy month :-) Congrats on the Etsy shop and discovering eBay. It is TRULY addicting - vintage pattern shopping especially. Whoa ;-)

  3. Great job with your finishes and congrats on the etsy shop! I haven't joined a QAL yet but I was also thinking of joining one this summer. I've been reading a lot today about the dresden challenge so maybe I'll try that.

  4. You have been a busy bee and all are looking great.

  5. What a lot of beautiful projects!!! I admire people who write lists of their WIPs, it would take me a month just to write my list, lol. The Shampoo bottle aprons are a fun idea!! Love the vintage fabrics.

  6. You did great!! Loved reading about your projects.

  7. You got a lot done! I love all your projects. Everything looks wonderful!

  8. RIng purses...very cute. How do they close? Did you make them up or use someones instructions? I do small gifts for all family members stockings at Christmas and these just might be the ticket for some!!

    1. Hi Karen. The purses are velcro and super easy to make! I'll try to put a tutorial together and share. They would make cute stocking stuffers! Thanks for stopping by~ April

  9. You've had a wonderfully productive month. So many pretty projects to admire. Isn't it amazing how having a list can motivate us!?! Well done!

  10. great job, April! you did a goodly amount on your list. thanks for joining the the sew along and linking up!

  11. Stephanie VaughanJune 8, 2012 at 3:35 PM

    My goodness! I don't know how you find the time! I look forward to our summer camp! Maybe I can learn how to make pillow cases?

  12. Thank you for linking to my LAFF I am sorry it's taken such a long time to get to following all my links. You have some wonderful things your making and love the cat.