Wednesday, May 2, 2012

List for May

As I've mentioned before, I'm a very spacial person.  I don't do well with lists, I lose them.  I don't do well with lines, I color outside of them.  I am horrible at details, I'm so easily distracted (I don't know how I ever made it through Air Force Training!).  My Mama use to lovingly say I was always in my own little world.  I still am!  

However, AmandaJean over at Crazy Mom Quilts had a great idea.  She made a sewing/crafting/quilting 'TO-DO' list for the Month of May and invited others to do the same.  Everyone will blog about their progress and post pictures on her FLICKR GROUP .  So here goes!

1. Make Little Dress for Africa - Charity
2. Pillowcase Challenge (make more) - Charity
3. Finish and mail my quilt for Bumble Beans Inc. Charity
4. Finish my sister's quilt!  I'd better!  Her birthday is this month!!!
Car trash tote and bag holder
5. Finish Mama's mother's day gift! oh she's gonna love it!
6. Complete quilt for my Little Ladybug's Kindergarten teacher
7. Make Pillow Shams for Family Room chairs - I've never made shams before
8. Make quilted kitchen towel holders - Any good ideas out there?
9. Make trash bag holders for bathrooms
10. Make trash tote and bag holders for sis and mama
11. Make a scrap quilt top (just the top!)
12. Make something for my honey!  It's his birthday this month!

Well, I will be so happy if I get all of that done!  However, it's very possible I wont get anything finished! With two sweet little ones...well, if you're a mama you know.  ;)

What do you want to accomplish in the month of May?  Make room for something fun!

Little Mama Hen


  1. My kids are both in college and still interfere with what I'm planning! I'm not even sure I should attempt a list. I seem to work in spurts and not sure I could get the list done.

  2. Top of my list for May: Get together with Little Mama Hen!

    I am free the entire week of May 14-18 (little break between a big job change) and would love to meet up for coffee, dinner or a playdate!

    1. A job change??!! I'll message you on facebook!

  3. Oh this is a BIG O LIST! But maybe it's just the right size for you. I think you will have fun making the things listed. Good luck! Just letting you know that I'm following you now. (Following you in a good way - not the stalker way! LOL!!)

  4. I hear you on the list. I also have 2 kiddos and sometimes being Mama doesn't allow for crossing things off at the pace I had hoped. I just love the ladybug fabric (and have some of it, too). I love what you have made with it!

  5. Play with my grandchildren