Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ring/Coin Purse

Just been playing and having fun today!

Ever need something safe to put your rings in while at the gym?  Tada! The Ring Purse.  Of course, I don't work out or go to the gym so coins will go in mine.  :)  I know I know, I should workout.  My angel wings are getting larger and larger.  What's an angel wing, you ask?  Well, stand in front of the mirror while wearing a tank top.  Now wave vigorously at yourself.  If you have skin flapping in the breeze where your triceps should be (like I do) then you have angel wings!

Oh, and the last picture is of Mao Mao, our newest addition to the family.  Mao Mao was abandoned earlier this week and he found his way to our front door.  We took him to the vet and have been loving on him ever since.  It's amazing to me what some people consider trash.  This little guy is such a sweet and cherished treasure.  Scott, my husband, suggested the name Mao Mao.  He studied Chinese in California at a Linguist School.  Actually, that's were we met; I was studying Arabic.  But that's a story for another day.  Hope your Saturday is full of cherished treasures!! - Little Mama Hen.

Mao Mao (sounds like pow pow or cow cow - it's Chinese for Cat)

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  1. I love your ring purse. I will have see if I can make one. Very pretty kitty.

  2. What a cute little coin purse, great idea with the velcro! Funny you should mention Angel I know what to call them when my grandson likes to wiggle them! Such a sweet kitten and I love the name. We have 3 cats that all found their way to us as abandoned they are spoiled babies!!

  3. This is such a great idea! Thanks for sharing. My oldest son is taking Mandarin Chinese, and one of my daughters has expressed interest in learning Arabic. I'm just now trying to dust off the Spanish I abandoned 21 years ago. I'm the underachiever of the family. ;-)

  4. I love the kitty. How cute! The coin purse is beautiful!

  5. Love that little coin purse! What a great idea! Whoop whoop!!

    And aren't kittens just the most wonderful thing? Your little Mao Mao is adorable....

  6. Cute little coin purse, it looks teeny-tiny! Your kitty is so adorable! Such a playful little kitten! You should consider adopting a brother or sister so he doesn't get lonely specially if you're not home a lot. I'm just saying because I'm so glad we have to of them, they love each other and it was the best decision we made.

  7. nice purse and beautiful MAo MAo!!!

    1. Thanks Irena! Love your blog. :)

  8. You never cease to amaze me! Never. Love ya, stephie