Grits and a Phone Purse

It all started with an ole grits bag.  My sister, Peaches, had visited Helen, GA and she brought me back some wine and grits.  The wine was so delicious and the grits were so tasty.  Neither one lasted very long. ha!  Well, when I got down to the end of my grits bag, I thought, hmmm this is fabric, I wonder what I could make with it.

It was a small piece of fabric just big enough to make a zipper pouch for my phone...then I added a strap and I had my very own crossbody phone purse. The back of the purse is the nutritional information of the grits.  lol.  I didn't really think much about it until people started commenting on my 'phone purse'.  I guess it's pretty unique to wear a grits bag.  :) It's actually very convenient to have.  I use to carry my phone in my back pocket, but after 'butt' calling people I knew I needed to think of something else.  It's just big enough for my keys, phone, and wallet.  Since it's a crossbody, I don't leave my handbag in the grocery cart...another story.

Of course, one thing leads to another and I've designed several small 'phone purses'.  :)  So much FUN!

Well, a storm is brewing on the horizon and I'm hoping for some wind, rain, lightning, and of course thunder.  Happy Weekend. -April@Little Mama Hen


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