Swedish Grandmother - Final

Margreta's and Mira's Swedish Granmother Quilts...  They are complete and ready for their new homes.  It's been a short six months preparing these two quilts for Margreta and Mira.  Their Swedish Grandmother passed away back in 1962 and left behind 62 dresden petals.

I went shopping with Margreta at a local fabric shop and she picked out the extra fabric needed to complete the quilts.  I attached the petals to cream and white squares and dogeared the corners, lightly quilted them in echo stitching as to give them a very 'antique' look.   They are so pretty and I will miss working on them; however, I'm so very pleased to have brought them to completion.

Swedish Grandmother must have been a pretty amazing person.  Stories have been passed down about her; sweet memories of games, dress styles, and of course Christmas time.  When her daughters were older, Swedish Grandmother would give them 5 cents to go to the park and swim.  The girls could either use the 5 cents on ice cream or a street car ride home.  It was a long walk to Lake Superior, but the girls usually chose the Ice Cream cone.  I can just see them, 'water wings' in hand, trotting off for a day of fun.  

I will miss these quilts and I'm so happy and honored to be apart of their story.  I hope that they will warm many hearts and help keep sweet memories of Swedish Grandmother living for generations to come.  Life is so full of beautiful surprises that keep us looking for hope and love...

Always quilting,
Little Mama Hen


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