Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Quilts

 When I first started quilting a few years ago I had no table no chair and a very clunky sewing machine.  I sat on the floor and sewed.  I probably would still be sewing on the floor; however, my ever sweet and loving husband got me a table, a new sewing machine and he's always looking to see what else he can set me up with.  :)  It's so very wonderful to have someone that looks out after me.
My daughter's nickname is Ladybug and so I'm always looking for things I can add little ladybugs to.  This little quilt needs some border fabric and she'll be ready to bast and quilt.

Last year I made This QUILT for the Hands 2 Help charity.  I have one ready for this year too.  I'll show it soon.

Enjoying this stormy Florida day.  -Little Mama Hen


  1. Oh that one on the machine is just adorable April....love the pattern and colors

  2. April, it's so beautiful. It looks so hard to do, however. Do you draw the ladybugs by hand or do you buy them? You also sit by the window while you sew? I would love that!

    1. to make the ladybugs I draw a ladybug on a blank piece of paper and then cut it into 3 sections (head, wings, body). I heatbond some fabric and trace each part of the ladybug onto the fabric color of choice. Then I reassemble (heatbond) the ladybug onto another piece of fabric and stitch down the edges for added security. :) If you dont like drawing you can always find an outline of the ladybug to cut out on the internet. I love sewing by the window, especially on stormy days. :)