Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ladybug Quilt

Quilt Size:  48" x 60"
All I have left to complete on my Ladybug quilt is the hand stitching on the binding (I love to hand bind my quilts).   How do you bind your quilts?  I learned from This Video by Connecting Threads.  No tools required!!  I know that everyone finds what works best for them and I really like this method.  
I really like the backing fabric.  I couldn't decide between a white fabric with red flowers or this luscious dark fabric.  They were both beautiful, but I like the dramatics that the dark fabric brings.  

Another project I've started is Hands to Help Charity over at Sarah's Blog (Confessions of a Fabric Addict).  I've chosen a 'net' pattern by the fabric designer Thomas Knauer.  I discovered his fabric line when I was making Miracle Boy's Quilt.  

I didn't use any of Thomas Knauer's fabric for this charity quilt, just some pretty purples from my LQS.

It was also my Niece's 22nd Birthday and we celebrated this past weekend!  Wait, did I say 22nd??!!  My little Petunia was just a little one yesterday and I was putting pretty petunias in her hair.  (*wiping a tear at how time flys).  She loves Star Wars and I found a sweet tote in Moda's book Fresh Fabric Treats.  It was my first time making my own fabric buttons!!  Loved it!

 Also, working on some dish cloths for a couple of my friends.  I still want to make Tiny Aprons for their dish soap bottles and then they'll be off in the mail.  :)
 And Last but not least, our sweet little MaoMao has turned ONE YEARS OLD!!  of course, he was a stray that showed up at our house, but my Little Ladybug picked out an approximate birthday for him. She's so sweet.

Have a great Wednesday!! - Little Mama Hen.

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  1. The Lady Bug Quilt is so darling. I LOVE to hand bind my quilts as well. It is so wonderful to take my quilt with me to the sofa, sit and talk to my hubby or kids, or watch some tv with them and bind my quilt. I enjoy having the quilt spread out over me while binding, as well as the fact that I am not hidden away in my sewing nook, I am with my family!

    1. That is exactly why I enjoy it so much too. :)

  2. Your ladybug quilt is too cute. Love the backing choice! Great job!

  3. Those ladybugs are adorable. What a pretty quilt.

  4. I love the quilt and the Star Wars bag is so awesome!! I too love to hand bind my quilts. It's my favorite process of making quilts. :)

  5. Love your ladybug quilt. The fabric is adorable. I also like to hand bind quilts watching Tv with the family.

  6. Your ladybug quilt is charming. I love the red, black and white colour combination.

  7. Love your ladybug quilt! Yeah, I do my bindings in a similar fashion except for how the two ends are joined together. I almost always prefer to hand stitch it down, too. Those purples are soooo pretty!

  8. That ladybug quilt is adorable! I love your projects. Happy Birthday to MaoMao!!

  9. April, I love the ladybug quilt and the tote bag! Is there anything you can't do? Beautiful projects. So totally different!

  10. I love a red and white quilt. So classic!

  11. Love the ladybug quilt! It turned out fantastic!

  12. Your Ladybug quilt is just ADORABLE---great job! :)

  13. Red, black and white is such a classic combination and your quilt is lovely! I'm going to enjoy looking at some more of your posts.

  14. Stopping by through Fabric Tuesday - looks like you have been very busy! I love the fun quilt you did with the ladybugs and your kitty looks like he likes it as well - will be following from now on to see what other fun projects you work on.

  15. I love the contrasting colors in your quilt-- really good choices:)