Friday, July 6, 2012


We had a very delightful and relaxing 4th of July!  We grilled a few hamburgers and watched fireworks from our bay window.  It is so fun watching little ones and listening to their excitement.  There were thrills and shrills and oooooos and aaaaahhhhs at every beautiful burst of light.  Even Mao Mao had fun.  He wasn't so interested in the festivities; however, since we had the blinds open he was able to attack and swat at the blinds' cord that was dangling down.  

This week I can't work on the Dresden Challenge quilt, I'm waiting for some fabric.  I can't work on Scott's Hudson Bay Point quilt because I need to go to the fabric store and pick up some more ivory fabric.  There are several other WIP that I 'Could' work on; however, I decided to start a new project.  That shouldn't really be a suprise!  I have lots of very small fabric scraps; I can't seem to throw scraps away.  I think if I knew a way to use slivers of fabric, I would.  

A great way to turn tiny scraps into something beautiful is the Dresden pattern.  I just have to adjust the size of the Dresden flower according to my scrap size.  In this case, my petals are 2.5 inches (perfect for those extra jelly roll strips). I really love making Dresden petals; of course, so does Mao Mao.  He seems to think the petals are small 'live' critters that need attacking and pawing and scattering all over my sewing room floor.  I will sew these pretty little ditties to some unbleached muslin and add a scrappy border and then quilt it up for a charity; I'm not sure which one yet.  What do you do with scraps?  Any favorite patterns?


  1. Your fabric scraps look so nice together! I love the idea of making dresden plates with your scraps. I am working on hexagons. I also just bought a pattern that should help me use up some of that leftover fabric but I haven't even started that yet! I have to get rid of a few more projects first! Nice to hear you and your family enjoyed the 4th!!

  2. Oh my! Look at all those! You will have a bunch of pretty dresden plates soon.