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Learning Embroidery

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 A couple of weeks ago was our Spring Break vacation here in Florida.  My husband and I are not beach goers; so, we packed up the kids and headed to the mountains!  I usually bring cross-stitching with me while we are traveling, but this time I decided to try my hand at embroidering.

It all started when I was browsing instagram and found Fabric and Ink .  She has the most darling creations ever!  I then went on youtube and looked up some "how-to" videos on embroidery.  I immediately fell in love with the French Knot! 

Embroidery is a great travel craft!  It's not the same as quilting, but it makes me happy to see all those tiny knots form into creations. 

Today being Sunday means that we will be heading to the Homeschool Resource Center to try and finish-up painting the backdrops for my daughter's school play coming up in May.  Her homeschool Drama Group is presenting Beauty and the Beast Jr.  I can't wait!

The Florida rain hasn't started yet.  Even my kids are starting to 'whine' about missing the Thunder and storms.  So until then, I'll sit at my bay window and listen to Thunderstorms on youtube while binding my latest baby quilt.

Happy Sunday,
-April @ Little Mama Hen


  1. That sheep is adorable. Llove the llama, too.

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