Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quilt Stash

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Finished up my Ladybug top.  Now I have to decide what backing fabric to add and how to quilt it.  She's a 46" square and she was so much fun to make!  My own Little Miss Ladybug helped me pick out the border fabric.  She said the butterflies made it look like a garden.  :)  Seven is such a darling age; actually I say that about every age. I love my two little sweeties.  :)

Most people like to show their fabric stashes, but it seems I have more of a quilt stash!  NINE quilt tops ready and several still being pieced...this isn't even all of them.  :)  I love each of them!  After I'm done with a quilt top, I usually fold it up and place it in a pillow case to keep the dust off it.  How do you store your projects?  I don't like the creases that folding them up causes but I guess that's just the way it goes.  I wish I had some sort of bar that I cold drape them over so they cold be on display while they wait their turn to be quilted.

Well, have a wonderful Weekend and a very Happy Mothers' Day!!  -April@Little Mama Hen

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  1. I love seeing your array of gorgeous quilts!!!!!!!!

  2. WoW! They are beautiful! It would never work for me - love sewing the tops and hate quilting so if I would let myself do that, there would be a lot of tops and never a finished quilt! :D

  3. I'd never thought of my flimsy collection as a stash, but your photo has super inspired me. You have some lovely tops!

  4. They look cool! I only have about three flimsies but I agree with you about wishing for a way to display them and not get them creased!

  5. I share your enthusiasm and stockpile of quilts. they all look so bright and colorful together. Nice!

  6. I picked up an old quilt rack at Goodwill, and I drape my tops waiting to be quilted over it. Still have to fold them a bit, but they stay fairly smooth that way. You have a very nice collection!