Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stepping Stones and a Sham

I love scrappy quilts.  I'm not sure why except that they are so full of color and every single one always turns out different.  With this Stepping Stone quilt I started out with 3 inch squares.  Half the squares were light fabric and half of the squares were a darker fabric.  I then cut 2 inch strips and switched between the dark and light fabrics.  Easy, fun, and very scrappy.  :)  A great element about this pattern is that you can make it square or elongate it into a cozy rectangle.  Mine finished at 43"x 61", perfect for a toddler or a throw on the sofa.     

I also finished another pillow sham for my cousin.  I actually painted the front and the back has a zipper closure.  It should fit nicely around a 20" pillow form (I only had an 18" form for the pic).

I hope that everyone is doing well and I'm hoping for a little cooler weather soon.  -April@Little Mama Hen.

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  1. How beautiful, April! Another work of art!

  2. Awesome quilt! Is there a pattern available for it?

    1. Thanks so much Judy!! There is no real pattern. Everything is just from my scrap pile. I started with 3 inch squares and a 2 inch strips. I alternated between light and dark fabrics for contrast. :) It's so easy and LOTS of fun. Of course, anything to use up those scraps is awesome!!!

  3. Scrappy quilts are great, aren't they?!? You've got great colors in yours.
    Great job painting the pillow!

  4. Your pillow is fabulous! I love anything with text. Lovely scraps too. Do you have scraps left? Lol