Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Loving July

 I've been quilting and playing with my little ones and quilting and playing with my little ones and suddenly I saw some back to school signs at the store!  Wait!  No!  Already?  Then I remembered I still have plenty of time, stores just like to start their sales early.

One of the projects my kids have LOVED this summer is the good ole baking soda and Vinegar science lesson.  We added a little food coloring for some added fun and an artsy twist.  Just grab a baking pan and pour in some baking soda.  Grab an empty egg carton (make sure there are no holes)  and pour some vinegar in each egg cradle.  Add a little food coloring.  Give your kids an eye dropper or a teaspoon works too.  Seriously, they played with this forever.  :)

We also found an art project on Pinterest that was a lot of fun too.  Chalk in My Pocket was the website.  We used regular ole Elmers glue and a canvas board.

I've also been working on a couple of petal quilt tops.  They're so dainty and pretty.  :)

My Little Ladybug gave me a tiny, little plant for Mother's Day.  She had prepared it in her First Grade Class.  (She had an AWESOME First Grade Teacher!!)  She had decorated a styrofoam cup and she presented it to me with such love and pride.  My heart melted.  Actually, they make my heart melt on a daily basis, I love them so much.  It took awhile, but it bloomed!  so pretty.

Well, I hope your Summer is Lovely too. - Little Mama Hen

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  1. your petal quilt tops are beautiful. I love the dark background. It just makes the colors pop out!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  2. I love the petal quilt tops. I also miss those long summer holidays with my children when they were young.They were such fun and we did so much.

  3. Beautiful petal quilt tops. I'm going to have to remember the baking soda experiment for my daughter - she loves to do stuff like that. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing the link for the watercolors. Your black with bright petals is gorgeous.