Thursday, February 7, 2013

Foxy Mama

 My Sister N Law is having a birthday this month.  She lives in Indiana and will probably see this post before her package arrives, but she'll be surprised as she's reading this post!  :)  I rarely get to see her, because we live so far apart.  She is so laid back and enjoyable to be around, I wish we lived closer.  We recently started following each other on Pinterest and I discovered that she likes foxes!!  So I found some really CUTE fox fabric and made her a pillow sham!  I've never made a pillow sham before and it was FUN!  I found an excellent tutorial over at Pile O Fabric.  I want to make some more for my couch pillows. :)  When I was admiring the back of my newly sewn pillow sham, I noticed a few squares that were really 'OFF'.  It made me smile, because I must have been sipping my wine and sewing.  lol  never sip and sew unless you're willing to accept the little oops that may appear.  ;)  of course, sometimes those little oops are worth the smile.  :)
Zipper for easy pillow removal

 Another block that I've been working on...  It's called Connemara on Mccall's Quilting
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  1. Oh.....April.....both patterns are beautiful. I strained, but I couldn't find your "oops". LOL You are always making new things! I love your designs!

  2. Seriously? how cute! And it even has a zipper. nice finish

  3. Love the cushion - I just bought this fabric and trying to decide what projects to do, this gives me some ideas :-) Thanks.

  4. Hi April it's Kim (I have to identify myself b/c of my technological difficulties since I don't know how to post :0 ) I was so surprised & delighted that the beautiful fox pillow is for me - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! That fabric is so pretty & I love the little squares with the long strip at the top. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it that you were so thoughtful! Your story about the oops made me laugh, but I agree with your mom's comment :) Many Thanks!

  5. your pillow sham is so cute :) I like the zipper finish on the back, thanks for putting the link to the tutorial you used, I will be checking it out :)

  6. Cute pillow sham. (I know about sipping wine and DH makes wine). That Connemara block is elegant. I don't believe I've ever seen it before.