Friday, January 4, 2013

And then there were TWO.

 My childhood friend from This is the Life blog is not just having one, but TWO!!  Well, I should clarify that she and her husband are adopting two little boys.  They were planning on just one, but when the adoption agency called and said they had two little brothers, their hearts were swept away!  Check out her blog for an amazing journey!  Anyway, I had already made her one quilt, but when I heard there will be two, I started working on the second one.  Tada!!  I found the design on Pinterest and fell in love with it.  Isn't it just darling!

Oh and remember that pile of wool I had?!  Well, introducing my first Needle Felted Bear!!!  Isn't he just so fat and fuzzy!  I think he needs something to hold, maybe a heart?  or a baby bear?  we'll see.  If you want to give Needle Felting a try (and I suggest it, HIGHLY!) check out Plum Blossom Farm.  Carole takes care and loves her little sheep on her very own farm!  She has a Bear Kit on her Etsy Shop .

I continue to work on my patchwork crosses!

MaoMao is a little sad that the Christmas tree is gone, but he loves to sit on the patio  in HIS chair. lol


  1. I love your baby quilt and the little needle felt bear is so cute. I agree with you needle felting is such fun and you can make such beautiful objects.

  2. Dear April Nanette,
    I love the new baby blanket (your friend is going to be delighted) and I'm in love with your bear! What talent you have!

  3. Your baby quilts are lovely and will be much loved. That bear is so darn cute! MaoMao will find something else to play with! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Oh my goodness, Mama Hen! I was thinking this post was going to be about two PROJECTS (a quilt and the bear). I pulled it up briefly on my phone a few days ago but decided to wait until I had a few minutes on the computer to read it because I'm so intrigued by this needle-felting craft and wanted to get a better look. I had no idea the title was a reference to my two SONS! Now I'm sitting here all touched and teary-eyed. LOVE the sneak peek at this treasure and someday family heirloom. LOVE your heart. You must hand deliver the quilt. I want to see you. Check your calendar for next weekend. xoxo