Friday, September 28, 2012

Minni Zigzag

Have you ever made a Minni Quilt?  My first one was for our kitten, MaoMao.  It was fun and quick.  Minni quilts are very versatile.   They make great doll quilts,  pet quilts, or even a table topper.  Minni quilts are also great for when you need a quick finish.

I am one of 'those' quilters/artists that start dozens of projects before finishing one.  I like to think of it like a butterfly going from one flower to the next.  Of course, others may call it something else.    I just accept it as part of my personality.  However, every once in a while, I feel the need to finish something.  A quick rush of success, if you will.  :)  Minni quilts are perfect for this!!
Back of quilt

I've had other checks on my Mommy list this week too.  One check was for MaoMao to get his last kitten shots and two was for my two little chicks (kids) to get their flu shots.  Nobody likes shots and MaoMao and Little Man comforted  each other this week.  My poor Little Ladybug had to still go to school, since they're serving pizza today she wasn't too sad.  :)

Poor MaoMao. After his shots, I guess he felt his leg needed elevating.

Cats are too funny.

My Little Men
 On a completely different subject...Have you ever seen Whooping Cranes?  They seem simple, grey creatures, but when they call out to each other, they sound so amazing.  My sister says that their call is what she imagines Dinosaurs sounded like!  I agree!

MaoMao watched the Whooping Cranes from our second floor window.  He was not pleased that Mama/I would not let him chase the big birds. :)
I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Very sweet little quilt - love the colours!

    Have never heard of whooping cranes before - great photos of them!

  2. What an adorable mini quilt! I love it! I, too, am one of 'those' quilters who starts a dozen projects before finishing one. (sigh...) I just hope I can get something finished soon! Your mini quilt is a great finish. Nice work!

  3. The last pic of your son and MaoMao is incredible! Sweet mini quilt too!!