Monday, August 6, 2012

Dresden Charity Finish

Vacation is always FUN!!!  But it's always so wonderful to come home.  We had an exciting trip to visit some of Scott's (my husband) family.  We hiked and explored and had picnics and hiked some more!  Everyone had a great time and we were all happy to be home.  Mao Mao had stayed behind to spend some time with my Mom.  I'm sure he was spoiled silly; however, he was very happy to see his family return and we were greeted with much purring and sweet nudges.

Before we left for vacation, I finished the Dresden Charity quilt.  I couldn't decide what charity to send it to, so I asked Mama to help.  Every so often she buys 'Bundles' of stuffed animals and takes them to the local hospital's Childrens Wing.  Before a child goes into surgery or chemo or whatever scary event that is before them, they are given a soft stuffed animal to hold and hug and love on.  I don't know if it will be someone at the hospital that will receive the quilt, but if I know my Mama she'll find just the right little one that needs it.

Little One, wherever you are, this quilt was made just for you.  It is already full of love and hope.   May you be blessed with comfort and peace.

My first attempts to take pictures were attacked by Mao Mao. Why is my quilt on the floor?? Simple, Mao Mao pulled it down on top of himself.  He's under there and was not a bit interested in crawling out. ha!

My only hope to get a decent picture was to go out on the patio where Mao Mao is not allowed. He was not happy, but he's still so cute.  

I love the colors purple and blue together.  so pretty.  :)

As much as I love this quilt, I love the backing even more!  I didn't know what fabric to use at first and then I had an idea! Why not make a scrappy patchwork back!  I never realized how much I really love patchwork.  So many colors and sizes. I like my life to be sprinkled with a variety of cultures, people, views, perspectives; it makes for a beautiful quilty kind of life.
Hopping on over to Quilting by the River where I'm sure to find inspiration and more cute cats!

May your day be a quilty kind of day!   -Little Mama Hen.


  1. Sounds like you had a great vacation. I'm sure your quilt will be appreciated no matter what group you donate it to. It's so pretty. I'm sure it will be a comfort for anyone who receives it.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful quilt, April!! Front, back, and quilting, it's obviously a labor of love and will surely brighten someone's day!!!

  3. I love that backing too - at first glance I thought it was another quilt. Both top and back are so bright and pretty.

  4. Wow, the front and back are spectacular! I've never seen a patchwork back, but it is so pretty!

    Love your profile--I was in the Navy, then a high school teacher, now a stay at home mom, too:)

  5. What a beautiful quilt, I can see why Mao Mao loves it! This will be so precious to someone. Thanks for sharing.
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday