Saturday, June 16, 2012

Charity Blocks and Summer Stuff

It's boiling hot here, so we've been heading to the pool this past week!  The water is perfect and so refreshing!  I have been able to steal a few minutes here and there to sew!

Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts is teaming up with Margret's Hope Chest to make some blocks for charity quilts.  There are tutorial links and information on both websites for the type of blocks they need.  The blocks are to be monochromatic.  Mine are for the most part, but not perfectly one color, because my stash just isn't that big yet.  Hopefully, they'll be workable; if not, I'm sure they can work them into a different style quilt.  The blocks are super quick, easy, and ohhh so cute.  :)

Charity Blocks!

I'm also working on some Lanyards for my sister, she's a teacher.  One of the best, I might add!  I also made her a mug rug, just because.  :)  Did you know that it's nearly impossible to make lanyards with a little kitten running around!  He was jumping and crawling all over me trying to grab one of those things. ha!      So progress on these will probably be slow.

Front of Mug Rug

Back of Mug Rug
Mao Mao and the Lanyards

I found a new block that I love!  It's called a Celtic Twist (tutorial here).  The illustration used green fabric, but I switched up and tried some red!  Love it!  It was fun to put together, lots of steps but not hard.  I'll make several more and make a little lap quilt.

I've also worked on Mama's Birthday quilt; however, I can't show pictures because she reads my Blog!  Mom's are always our number one fans.  :)  Love ya Mama!  ;)

Well, my children have discovered that I'm missing.  I hear them calling me.  It's like hide and seek, for blogging Mamas.  Have a wonderful weekend.  If you have kids, kiss 'em and squeeze those little cheeks!    -Little Mama Hen


  1. I love the Celtic twist! That is so beautiful and unique. That's going to very nice quilt.

    I was just curious if you are from Michigan? I'm seeing people making quilt blocks for Margaret's Hope Chest, and some of them are meeting up this summer at the quilt show in August, and also getting together to sew the blocks together. Or maybe you are mailing them. Either way, a wonderful thing to do! And they look really cute. :)

  2. Love the block and chuckled at you talking to your mom. Yep mom's just can't help but be the biggest fan, all that pride, what can ya do. Great blocks!

  3. What are lanyards? What are they used for? I love the red block! Gorgeous! Do you donate the blocks to charity? What charity? Who uses them? Sews them?

    1. Mama, Lanyards are sorta like necklaces that you can attach stuff to. Ladybug's kindergarten teacher used them with everything. She wore a lanyard with a name tag to her field trips and a lanyard and her library card to the media center. A lanyard with her school number to the lunch room. yada yada and on and on. :) I figured it would be perfect for Peaches. If you click on the link for the charity quilts-Margret's Hope Chest, it will take you to the charity website and tell the story.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog :) I am so happy that I'm getting a mug rug! The lanyards are GREAT!

  5. I love that block! I may have to give it a try. I love making mug rugs. They're fun to make and useful. Enjoy your kids and your nice hot weather. We all know how fast the summers go!

  6. Your Celtic Twist is beautiful!

  7. Ooo, Celtic Twist looks like fun! The red is very striking. It will be interesting to see your progress with it.