Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pillow Cases for ConKerr Cancer Charity!

Pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer Charity!

My Mama and Sister came over to sew some pillow cases with me today!!  It was such a treat!

 We laughed...mostly at Mama.  She's so funny.  She brightens an entire room by just smiling.  :)

 We sewed 8 pillow cases, well actually I still need to finish mine, but I'm almost done!

 Buka's, my sister, 4 year old granddaughter wanted to know why we were sewing strings!! lol

Anytime spent with Mama and Buka are special, but when you add sewing and FOOD, well then it's a shindig!  

I also made some coaster as mementos from the scraps leftover from our pillowcases. Buka's idea!  :) That smart sister of mine!

Have you heard of ConKerr Cancer Charity ?   You can sew pillowcases and donate them to be given to children fighting cancer.  I'm sure there's a pickup location near you!

I learned to sew pillowcases from Jenny over at Missouri Star Quilt Co.  It's fun and easy!  Give it a try!  Add a few friends and some food and you'll have a sewing good time.  :)  Have  a great week. 
April@Little Mama Hen

Oh and my favorite quotes of the day!

*I got it!
*I ironed a crease in mine!
*The story of me sewing at 14 (I'll share that another time!)  But Mama always tells it!  so funny.
*I'm not gonna have yal check mine anymore because yal always find something to fix! lol
*Where's my pillowcase!
*My rotary cutter veered to the right! How'd it do that?